Ph.D. holder in Molecular Biology and Genetics


Ph.D. holder in Molecular Biology and Genetics
Ph.D. holder in Molecular Biology and Genetics


Full Professor at Izmir Institute of Technology and Abdullah Gul University. Vice Rector and Dean at Abdullah Gul University.

Former advisory board member and executive committee member of The Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey.

Expert on cancer biology, science policy and science diplomacy.

World Economic Forum 2013 Young Scientist Award, International Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs 2014 Outstanding Young Person of Turkey in Scientific Leadership Award, Abdullah Gul University 2018 Outstanding Scientist Award, Turkish Academy of Pharmacy 2017 Science Award, Experimental Hematology Association, 2016 Outstanding Young Scientist Award, Science Heroes Association 2014 Outstanding Young Scientist Award, Turkish Academy of Sciences 2010 Outstanding Young Scientist Award.

Speaker at TEDx, World Science Forum 2015, Baku Humanitarium Forum 2014, World Life Sciences Forum 2016.

Science Diplomat and Young Scientist Ambassador.

A member of Science Committee at Yunus Emre Institute, a member of The Global Young Academy, an Executive Committee member of The World Academy of Sciences Young Affiliate Network, a founder member of the Academy of Engineering and Technology for the Developing World, a member of World Association of Young Scientists and a member of the World Economic Forum Young Scientist Program.





Life sciences is a branch of science that investigates living organisms including humans, animals, microorganisms, plants, and viruses and cover related topics such as bioethics.

Life Sciences presents a wide range of career opportunities in different sectors, such as industry, governments and in nonprofit organizations. These career opportunities are distributed among the various fields of life sciences that comprise biomedical research, ecology, education, health, genetic counseling, genetic epidemiology, health administration, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physical therapy, psychology, public health, veterinary medicine, agriculture, biotechnology, environment, energy, bioengineering, biomedical equipment, and many others.

There are different vocational areas and many types of industries in life sciences ranging from basic to applied research, from sales and marketing to technical support..

In this talk, we will introduce basic information about life sciences and then tackle the challenges and opportunities, which are present for employement in the field of life sciences.


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