Senior Consultant, EMEA – Project Manager


Senior Consultant, EMEA – Project Manager
EMEA Senior Consultant at Universum’s


Vasco Castro is an EMEA Senior Consultant at Universum’s global Consulting operations. Vasco has over 8 years experience in Employer Branding. Within HR he has been working with a wide range of employer branding questions as well as compensation and benefits, including several global EVP development projects in South Africa and globally.

He has several years of quantitative and qualitative research experience which include drafting questionnaires, interview and focus group guides, programming surveys online, and running interviews and focus groups.

Academically, Vasco Castro holds a PhD degree in Physical Chemistry and Master degree studies in Marketing and Management from Stockholm University, along with having done research in cognitive psychology at Karolinska Institute.




The age group that, across all Europe, has more difficulties finding relevant employment is Gen Y. Even in countries with low overall unemployment rates, the situation is rather challenging. As part of an EU effort to improve employability for Gen Y, we worked together with Universities from Turkey, France and AFS to understand which soft skills matter most to Europe’s HR professionals and how can these be developed among graduates.

We will analyze the latest data regarding soft skills’ demands as well as discuss how employers, students, and universities can approach these challenges to improve youth employabilty.


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11:30 - 13:00
Conference Hall