Tuğba Çanşalı

Educational Tools and Programme Designer

Tuğba Çanşalı

Educational Tools and Programme Designer
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Independent Civic & Social Organisation Professional | Tuğba Çanşalı Learning Design

A creative professional and Educational Tools and Programme Designer that follows up to-date information of the new era, places experiential learning in the center and design both entertaining and educational games. I believe that learning is fun and the most effective learning can be achieved through interaction among people.

This philosophy helps me as a magical tool when designing a learning game prepared specifically to a topic, place, time and most importantly target group.

In other words, if you ask who am I, I am a “gameist” that makes learning fun.


Workshop name: Youth@Work


Youth@Work is an interactive workshop that aims at introducing a good practice and an innovative youth-friendly tool (a board game) on entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. It is the first of its kind in Europe and Turkey and has been implemented successfully with various groups such as potential entrepreneurs, university students, high school students, CSOs, etc in more than 8 countries.

The tool and its training module were firstly developed within the EU – Turkey Civil Society Dialogue Programme in partnership with one of the most well know youth CSOs in Italy, Associazione Joint and is now being implemented in several countries in Europe and Latin America. The game offers a mini-training in 4 parts which aims to bring the “players” from business ideas to action: 1st part is about various definitions of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. 2nd part aims at introducing and analysing inspiring examples. 3rd part is for designing the business model around Canvas and the final part is for pitching potential investors.

During the workshop, we kindly invite the participants to experience the game by going through each stage partly and to introduce them in which context they can use this module.

This workshop will be led by Ayça BAĞCI and Tuğba ÇANŞALI

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