Başak Saral

General Coordinator of Habitat

Başak Saral

General Coordinator of Habitat
Habitat Association


General Coordinator of Habitat

Başak Saral is the General Manager of Habitat Association; Habitat is a highly experienced impactful network organization that works towards sustainable development.

Başak has led project-based partnerships with private sector, government and non-government organizations on sustainable development topics at Habitat and at UNDP. Projects address issues on active citizenship, youth empowerment, gender equality, community empowerment, local governance, digital inclusion, financial education, technology innovation, inclusive and socially responsible entrepreneurship, and livelihoods support for refugees.

Başak is an active member of the TOBB Youth and Women Entrepreneurship Boards of Turkey and the national network on Checks and Balances. She serves on the board of directors of various companies and social enterprises as a founding partner. Previously, Başak sit at the executive board of the World Academy for Local Democracies and served as the Vice Chair of the Advisory Board on Youth of Council of Europe.

Başak holds a BA degree from Koç University, and two LLM degrees from Marmara University and Nottingham University.



I’m inspired by how young people are transforming socio-economic life using new methodologies to find solutions for the alarming global challenges. My speech will present the role of Habitat to help young people to become change makers with a focus on contributing towards Sustainable Development Goals.


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