Sanja Sisovic

Senior program manager, NGO CAZAS

Sanja Sisovic

Senior program manager, NGO CAZAS


Senior program manager, NGO CAZAS

Sanja SISOVIC is youth worker, trainer, facilitator and youth program developer, but also consultant for PR, marketing and management in Montenegro.

As economist has more than 8 years of experience in youth work and capacity building of youth. She is one of the founders of VEF – Student NGO dealing with employment and non-formal education of young people. So far, she cooperated with many companies in training unemployed youth and providing free capacity building and practices for young students and long term unemployed persons. So far, she participated in many international, regional and national trainings, and conferences.

Besides being active as youth worker and human rights activist, she actively cooperated with different cultural events and festivals such as Sea dance festival Montenegro, Bedem fest Niksic and many others.

She is also mentor for development for Serbian CoWorking space “POMAK” located in Zajecar.


Workshop name: Challenge to CHANGE


#ChallengeToCHANGE workshop is focused on learning young people to recognize personal, social and policy challenges regarding unemployment and mapping potential solutions for each one of them. Workshop includes active interaction where each participant creates clear analysis of unemployability as a problem and with facilitators creates a solution and opportunities for each of them.

It is expected that workshop will build capacities of young people to:

  • have an objective overview on employment issues;
  • have personal, social and pollical perspective of employment of youth;
  • recognize problems and potential solutions;
  • recognize the role of Youth councils and Youth policies in facing unemployment of young people;
  • create personal capacity development plan;

Workshop will be led by Sanja SISOVIC and Jasmina BANJALUCKIC

All session by Sanja Sisovic