Juan Ratto-Nielsen

Trainer & Instructional Designer - Learning & Development - INTER·TRAINING (Spain)

Juan Ratto-Nielsen

Trainer & Instructional Designer - Learning & Development - INTER·TRAINING (Spain)


Trainer & Instructional Designer – Learning & Development – INTER·TRAINING (Spain)

Juan Ratto-Nielsen, Ph.D. is a trainer, facilitator and instructional designer specialized in lifelong learning, learning mobility and human resource development. He designs and delivers training activities for both the public and business sectors across Europe and neighboring countries.

For the past 10 years, he has organized, coordinated, mentored, coached and delivered over 100 learning mobility projects with private organizations, NGOs, regional and city governments, and Erasmus+ Youth in Action national agencies.

He has also authored numerous publications, articles and tools on non-formal learning, competence development, and entrepreneurship, such as From non-formal to transformative learning in the EU youth programmes: unleashing the potential of entrepreneurial learning in youth work, Youthpass Unfolded, Youthpass and Human Resource Development, and Trainers’ Competences within EuroMediterranean Youth Work, and Creating Impact Canvas, among others targeting youth workers and educators.

His interest in education and learning stems from a sound academic background in social sciences, with a Licentiate degree in International Relations (USAL, Argentina), and Master’s and Doctoral degrees in International Political Economy (University of Tsukuba, Japan), both focusing on comparative public policy and social research.

He envisions a future where education turns into learning by transforming theory into learner-centered practices. Hence, he is currently exploring, designing and experimenting with tools and methods for the operationalization of employability and entrepreneurship as horizontal competences within the fields of youth and HR.


Workshop name: Entrepreneurship Competences for Youth Employability


Introducing and using EntreComp (Entrepreneurship Competence Framework) as the basis to explore and analyze how to improve youth work practices for the development of youth employability.

This workshop aims to explore diverse understandings of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial learning and employability and analyze them in the light of the new EntreComp framework. The topic will be addressed both from individual and organizational perspectives to discover and map the needs, methods and strategies of youth work to support entrepreneurship competence development of young people towards employability.

Workshop objectives and outline:

  • Introduce the new EntreComp (Entrepreneurship Competence Framework) as a tool within youth work practices
  • Share good-practices of supporting entrepreneurship competences development towards youth employability
  • Map concrete practices and strategies
  • Draw conclusions on how to improve the integration of entrepreneurial learning within youth work practices

N.B. The workshop requires your active participation during the activity. Albeit the theoretical and methodological components, the expected outcome will be based on the exchanges and discussions among participants.




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