Aissata Anne

Member of the jury within Yvelines International Cooperation and Development (YCID)

Aissata Anne

Member of the jury within Yvelines International Cooperation and Development (YCID)


My name is Aïssata ANNE I am French nationality of Senegalese origin. In terms of studies I did a Baccalaureate in Economics and Social Sciences followed by a Deug in Economic and Social Administration in 2002.

In 2007, I obtained the State Brevet Animateur Technicien de l’Education Populaire and at the same time association director and trainer at the Brevet d’aptitude au fonctions de animateur. I was also referent Young Majors for 5 years where I was in charge of the reception of information, orientation and implementation of projects of international solidarity and cultural projects I then integrated the territorial civil service via competitions. In 2010, I was family referent with to set up projects for families. I was responsible for a youth information office for 4 years.

In 2015, after obtaining my Higher State Diploma in Youth, Education and Sport mention “Director of Structure and Projects” I occupy the position of Coordinator of Integration and Access to Youth Employment on a public from 16 to 30 years old with the mission of developing projects, forming partnerships, accompanying the public.

The associative commitment for me I have bathed since childhood because my parents are associative activists so it’s innate to me.

From 1999 to 2012; I have held various positions in solidarity associations as secretary general, president or vice president for projects in the field of health, education and sport.

May 2013, founder and project manager in the association Cœur de Fouta whose objectives of the association are to create links between young people and their country of origin, to encourage the engagement of young people, to organize citizenship education and international solidarity actions (winner of the Youth and Migration Prize and the Madiba Prize)

2016, I am a member of the board and board of directors network of associations of international cooperation of val de seine which brings together 80 associations and also member of the jury within Yvelines International Cooperation and Development (YCID) or I participate in the commission allocation of funding and youth scholarships.


Workshop name: International solidarity: a lever for the integration of young people,


The inclusion of young people is a matter of concern. Indeed, the structure of the labor market penalizes young people. The latter are confronted with difficulties of socio- professional integration to gain access to a job for various reasons: lack of knowledge of company codes, low level of training, socio-economic and geographical handicaps, and sometimes even face discrimination. a lack of trust or self-esteem.

Many devices are offered but are not always efficient, do not always meet their needs or expectations.
A certain number of young people think that they are ready for use and are constantly in check, so it is necessary to propose alternatives to facilitate the insertion of this public. Through the actions of our association, we have seen that solidarity commitment allows young people to acquire knowledge, skills, some experience that can be the first, a personal enrichment for those who are furthest from the world. job to remobilize on an insertion path and finally to get a job.

This workshop will allow us to discuss these new opportunities, these new forms of support that will enable young people to integrate professionally and sustainably.

All session by Aissata Anne