Hussein Alsharif

General Manager | 3DC training

Hussein Alsharif

General Manager | 3DC training


General Manager | 3DC training

Developed several training programs to enhance youth employability skills and assist youth to face the competitive challenges they face, mainly in work place; Complete Your Steps, Active Jobs, Workability, Social ME and others. 3DC training is a none profit training company specialised in youth employability training.

2013-2015 JINACOM – A Jordanian Initiative for the New Arrival to the Commercial and Occupational Market, a Self funded Mentor and on Job training program designed to empower youth participants and prepare them for work market. total beneficiaries 60 Participants.

2011-2013 Zilzal Al Mahabeh a self funded initiative to enhance youth creativity in Art, music and social acceptance.


Active Jobs

A full simulation training model designed to enhance and empower youth employability skills and prepare them to overcome employability challenges in order to become more competitive for Job Market.

We leverage on youth Employability skills through; Human right, Gender Equality and Active Citizenship and these sectors interrelationship within/through work environment to reform positive changes in self, workplace, pears and therefore society and community.

A short virgin of Active Jobs simulation been tested through a five days training for 20 youth from 6 countries in Jordan, as a Euromed funded program.

Hilarious feedback received from all participants, and follow up in progress with partner organisations on Job shadowing for participants.

We are ready to share this great learning experience and looking forward to expand its positive impact.

All session by Hussein Alsharif