Mohamed Kamoun

Responsible of International activities | ONET/BRCV Sousse

Mohamed Kamoun

Responsible of International activities | ONET/BRCV Sousse


Responsible of International activities | ONET/BRCV Sousse

Mohamed Kamoun is Euromed youth trainer (Euromed youth unit , ministry of youth and sport Tunisia) since 2003. -Trainer and educational coordinator in the vocationnal training center of electronics in Sousse Tunisia since 1979 . -President of the student club for the culture of entrepreneurship in university cultural center of Sousse in Tunisia that supports students and young people in finding employment and starting their own business in an informal way Since 2003. -Responsible of international activities in ONET/BRCV Sousse organisation . -Project manager in Youth on the empowerment (YOTE) project under the European program Leonardo da vinci . -Panelist in Lisbon forum orgenised by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe about youth policy , democratie and jasmin revolution in Tunisia in 2011. -Facilitator of a workshop on entrepreneurship in the seminar organized by the Salto Euromed youth center and the National Agency of the Youth in Action program Mollina Spain. -Member of the comity of entreprneurship of the region of Sousse Tunisia that aims to support the efforts of the state in employment and entrepreneurship in Tunisia and which includes institutions supporting entrepreneurship ( the Employment Office of Sousse, the space “entreprendre” of the Tunisian agency of employment and self-employment, business center of sousse, business incubator of technopole de Sousse , organization patterns (UTICA) , the Chamber of Commerce and industry , banks that finance the projects of young entrepreneurs , the youth center business leaders … ) . The network’s activities are funded by GIZ (German cooperation) enabled network members to strengthen their capacity in the field of entrepreneurship in the region and coordinating the activities of these institutions to improve efficiency of their activities in the areas of employability and entrepreneurship. -Project manager of several Euromed youth projects financed by the European union about Employement and Entrepreneurship . – Responsible of European Voluntary Service (EVS) projects under Euromed youth program and Erasmus + program


Workshop name “Successful transition from university to the labour market”


After 7 years of the Tunisian revolution of January 14, 2011 led by young people who demanded more freedom and the right to employment, the fact is that despite the establishment of a real democracy and many freedoms in the country, the problem of unemployment young people in particular graduates of university education remains intact.

In this workshop, the following points will be exposed and debated:

Part 1: The questions that must be asked

1 / What are the reasons for the high unemployment rate among young graduates of higher education in Tunisia and in several countries of the Euro-Mediterranean area?

2 / What are the possible solutions to better prepare young people for the job market at university level?

3 / What role should civil society and the private sector play to participate in a better integration of young people in the enterprises?

Part 2: Examples of good practices to boost youth employment and entrepreneurship

1 / Presentation of the experience of the students club for the culture of entrepreneurship in the capacity building of young people to better cope with the labour market or engage in entrepreneurship in an informal setting .

2 / “Junior enterprise” clubs in Tunisian universities (Role and activities)

3 / Presentation of the activities and conclusions of 3 projects funded by the European Union under the Euromed Youth program Tunisia, the theme of the 3 projects (youth exchange, training course and EVS) is youth entrepreneurship.

All session by Mohamed Kamoun