Tommaso Pescetto Cosentino

Coordinator of Associazione di promozione sociale Joint

Tommaso Pescetto Cosentino

Coordinator of Associazione di promozione sociale Joint


Coordinator of Associazione di promozione sociale Joint

Born in Genoa, Italy, in 1984, he moved to Milan to Study Sociology. There he worked as social worker and educator at local level and started to help in Joint as volunteer, where he become the 1st payed worker in 2008. He is president and international project coordinator of the Association since 2010, where he coordinates at the moment 5 staff members and 6 interns and civil servants.  In this period he coordinated all type of Youth in Action and Erasmus+ projects related with Youth and founded the Italian Network of EVS Organisations – RIVE, of which he’s the President. With RIVE he coordinated the “Save the EVS”petition in 2017 – 2018.

He took part in many SALTO TCs, including Training of Trainers for EVS training cycle in 2011 and the Training of Trainers 2013-2014 (3 courses + practice).

He is currently involved as coordinator and trainer in several Capacity Building with Latin American partners and some of them are related with employability: 

Volun-tour aims at creating a new format of international mobility putting together sustainable tourism and change-making activities;

Global Recognition created a platform that generates certificates for international volunteers out of EVS;

SEEDS.2 developed methods, modules and a board game to inspire young people on Social Entrepreneurship.



Me and my colleague Michela Davi will present a board game and some methodologies to inspire young people to start up their social business.

This is the outcomes of one Capacity Building in the Field of Youth Social Economy Entrepreneurship Development Skills 2 (SEEDS.2). For more details

The project is the follow up of SEEDS project and has the aim of developing modules to train youth organisations both in Europe and in Latin America to develop youth camps and local training modules to train and inspire young people on social entrepreneurship through non formal education. During the project we developed a a training module with a board game lasting between 2 and 5 days. The activities help young people to understand what is Social Entrepreneurship and to develop a social venture idea in little groups.

In the presentation we will:

– present the project

– present the modules and the board game

– simulate some of the activities.

If there is more time we will also shortly present the Certification system we developed in another Capacity Building to recognize learning achievements of international volunteers. More details here

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14:30- 16:00
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