Semih Yalman

Founder of Dreamstalk

Semih Yalman

Founder of Dreamstalk


Founder of DreamsTalk

Semih Yalman is the founder of DreamsTalk Co., a social responsibility and inclusion platform/ human re-engineering company that listens to dreams of students at Universities and High Schools and helps them come true through solution partners. Also works with company employees for enhanced bonding with the corporation as well seeking solutions for further innovation.

Prof. Yalman teaches courses in universities such as EADA –Barcelona, Harran- Urfa, AGU- Kayseri, Medipol – Istanbul, Karatay – Konya on subjects such as increasing imagination capacity, intangible asset management/soft power, self innovation brand value creation. Semih Yalman is also the founder of an algorithm on betterment of imagination which he displays in his book “Hayal et ki ol (You Are What You Dream Of)” Destek, 2016.

He is the author of 15 books on imagination, inner journeying, self-innovation, perception; columnist for Campaign Türkiye magazine and HBR Turkey online; composer of 9 music albums and a keynote speaker on self-actualization, imagination and perception.

Semih Yalman previously held various assignments world wide both at board and executive level at organizations such as Doğuş Group, Gillette, P&G, National Geographic, CNBCE, NTV, TAIK, GE, Inci Holding, Işık University and Hürriyet Group.

Semih Yalman is a graduate of AMP of HBS and holds degrees from Emerson College, Darden and Hacettepe University. Yalman is also a mention of HBS case study as well as a 5 time TEDx speaker.

On personal level Yalman father of two children speaks 3 languages, is an active sailor, rider and kundalini yoga instructor.



Let your dreams hire you!

One wise man said “if you don’t chase your dreams someone else will hire you for his dreams.”

When I ask a 5 grader what the difference is between her and all the wise and cool people on the surface of the world she says there is no difference. Where as when I ask the same question to a freshman or sophomore she lists tens of reasons to their success and hundreds of attributes on how incapable she is due to circumstances, country, family, education.. etc.

The vicious system has done great with the university student in molding her to a plaza rat ready to give up all her values, dreams and willing to give in to the ego system leadership of the corporate world.

The sense of urgency in the words of the primary school students need to be heard. They demand a change in education system, they don’t want to be approached as obeyers and they want opportunity presented to them to pursue their talents aligning them with their dreams. In other words intuitively they know somehow why they are here for and how they can reach happiness.

Dreams are the source for humanity to evolve into a better system in which employment issue can be resolved once for all.

Biggest example is the universe but a more handy one is nature. Nature does not have corporates which creates jobs for animals or plants etc… Every single being has a pre assigned duty. That also include human species. So why try to alter that rather than flowing with it.

The way to flow is paying attention to our inner core imagination which embeds the reason for every one of us being here and task to contribute rather than take.

That’s why we need platforms which poke our inner for us to wake up and come into our own through our imagination.

That will re-engineer our way to be…



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