Mark E. Taylor

Trainer and Writer

Mark E. Taylor

Trainer and Writer


Mark is a trainer and writer and plays ukulele from his current base in Strasbourg, France. Empowering learners is his passion. Commitment to the recognition of non-formal learning led him to contribute to the development of Youthpass and be a member of its Advisory Group. He is a partner in the via Experientia consortium which sets out to expand the contours of experiential learning and research. A founding member and now editor of Coyote magazine, he is also editor of the Tools for Learning magazine.

Workshop name: “Inner Readiness”


Hey you! You know you are competent, you are sure about it!!
BUT: have you ever wondered why some days you can show your competences and some days you just can’t do it to the level you expect of yourself?? This can have consequences for your self-esteem and even for your employability!

Maybe, baby, some of what is going on is related to “Inner Readiness”…

Based on recent cutting-edge research in Project REFLECT (see: ) by a partnership of 4 European universities and 4 non-formal learning providers, this workshop will look at practical issues to do with the concept of “Inner Readiness”. What can we do in order to reflect AND act in order to have positive effects on our work?

Be prepared to move and sit in this workshop – but not both at the same time!


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Paper and Good Practices II

16:30 - 18:00
Conference Hall