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Eren Çamlıkaya has over 10 years of startup experience with varying positions from business development, marketing and product management to executive management. Graduated from Uskudar American Academy which is one of the top high schools in Turkey, Mr. Çamlıkaya got his undergraduate degree from Istanbul Technical University Electronics Engineering and his graduate degree from Sabanci University Computer Science and Engineering. After researching on applied machine learning and statistical pattern recognition Mr. Çamlıkaya started his PhD focused on startup marketing. Although digital product management his the primary area of expertise Mr. Çamlıkaya has been giving seminars on digital organizational transformation and digital HR applications.

After working with the angel investment group Aslanoba, Mr. Çamlıkaya has been appointed as the intrapraneur for under Hürriyet Media Group responsible for re-organization and growth. Despite being the second largest job board in Turkey, is currently serving both as a talent attraction agency and an HR technologies marketplace where different products and services are integrated. He is currenty the managing director of and a keynote speaker on topics such as “Recruitment Technologies” and “Employment Branding”. Mr. Çamlıkaya is also a lecturer at Istanbul Kultur University for entrepreneurship courses.



There are 3 critical topics which are at the top of the agenda for human resources professionals. First one is building the organisations of the future. Creating flatter hierarchies and becoming agile in terms of management is an area of development. Interdepartmental communication problems, dysfunctional teams and lack of management focus is among main reasons. Instead of pages of procedures, company “playbooks” are gaining significance. Rules are constantly disrupted and new business models emerge. During these volatile times, HR departments should be the anchor point of cultural change and act as facilitators.

Second topic is developing employer brand. As a macro trend, turnover rates are increasing while retention plummets. Reaching qualified passive applicants is getting harder everyday due to high interpersonal communication on social media. Moreover, working for years in the same company is equivalent to lack of personal development for the Y generation. That’s why people are constantly changing jobs seeking new opportunities. Meanwhile companies struggle to maintain a healthy pipeline for new applicants and to shorten replacement durations. Employer branding is critical not only in the times of need but also continuously to create awareness for a good company image.

Third item on the HR agenda is technology investment. HR departments need to cooperate with technology vendors in order to improve their processes for applicant tracking systems, programmatic advertising and AI based assessment tools. Although they themselves can be technology providers in the long run, they need to adapt to changing technologies with correct partners today.

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