Ayşe Başkapan

Job and Career Counselor

Ayşe Başkapan

Job and Career Counselor


Employment agents and labour contractors

She is graduated from Ataturk University, Faculty of Education. She continued her education on humanities and social sciences at Yildiz Technical University in İstanbul as a master degree student. She is working in İŞKUR as a job and career counselor since 2012. Now she is interested in Erasmus plus project which is about individual mobility of youth workers and young people. She wrote on the employment project of refugees which name is “Employ, Don’t Deport”.

She continues to serve as a job club leader. The Job Clubs is a program aimed at providing job search motivation and method support to disadvantaged unemployed people such as women, young people, Romany citizens, long-term unemployed, disabled, social welfare beneficiaries. The program will take 2-4 weeks depending on the target group. The project will operate in 14 pilot province. The project covers the years 2015-2020.

She teach to new graduated youth how they can be more active in job search. She prepare activities with non formal education methods in training groups. Young people learn how to be more successful in job interviews during training and she help them to overcome their interview fears with role plays and simulations. She believe there is work for everyone, there is only one thing we need to know never give up!


Workshop name: “Manage Job Search Process”


Job search process is a difficult process that needs to be carried out professionally. Generally young people can not manage the job search process because of not enough experience and they are missing some business opportunities. We will discuss how we can solve this problem in the workshop.

Workshop will start with short presentation of Turkish Employment Agency after we will talk about what we need to do for an effective resume and job interview in this part we will carry out simulations and role-playing exercises with participants.

We hope that those involved in the workshop will be able to manage their own job search processes and have more confidence.

The workshop aimed at providing job search motivation and method support to disadvantaged unemployed people such young people

The main objectives of the workshop   are;

To give job search motivation to unemployed young people,

To ensure that the unemployed get the best job option in the shortest time possible,

To create the idea of that there is a job for everyone who wants to work,

To show unemployed where they can find a job,

To increase the confidence of unemployed and to teach presentation techniques for successful representation during job interviews

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