Andrea Bennardo

Partner and Founder of RisorSe

Andrea Bennardo

Partner and Founder of RisorSe


Partner and Founder of RisorSe

He is a partner and founder of RisorSe, oversees the design assessment process for the skills development in the Organizations. Responsible for the dissemination of PerformanSe’s behavioural and motivation assessment tools in Italy, he coordinates research projects and network development. With a background in economics supports the exploration and study of the psychology of work, focusing in particular on issues related to the collective skills and group dynamics. He is a lecturer in business organization at the University of Verona.



Which spaces have behavioural skills assessment tools as part of a vocational guidance process?

There are several criteria to consider to choose a tool further the scientific validation:

to favor the relational dynamics;

to involve the person as a active subject

to be based on appropriate relevant indicators.

Two scientific tools will be presented. Perf Evolution to support the choice of the appropriate sector of activity and Perf Entrepreneur to develop personal skills fostering entrepreneurship projects


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Panel IV: What about Tomorrow?

09:30 - 11:00
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